Top City In Romania For International Tourists

Romania is a country surrounded by legends. Remember stories about Count Dracula, vampires or Nicolae Ceaușescu, the last Romanian dictator, who had golden toilets? Romania is a very authentic place – you will discover many new things there and the first must visit city is Bucharest. It is the capital of Romania and the sixth-largest city in the EU, after Paris, London, Rome, Berlin and Madrid. It became the capital of Romania in 1862, and the architecture is a mix of communist-era, historical and modern. The most impressive building is the Palace of Parliament.

shutterstock_288004229The People’s House

It was built by Nicolae Ceaușescu in just five years – from 1984 to 1989 (though not all rooms were completed). The Palace of Parliament is the second largest administrative building in the World. The first place belongs to the Pentagon (US). The Palace of Parliament is also called People’s House, but it sounds ironically, due to the many monasteries and historical buildings being destroyed during the construction. The Palace of Parliament is huge and very impressive and you can even go inside! There are also some old universities in Bucharest. You can compare universities online, to see which ones are worth visiting or even maybe studying in.

Bran – gates to the Dracula’s Castle

Transylvania is a totally different region. You will immediately find yourself in medieval times. Bran is a must visit city here and it is only a 30 km drive from Bucharest. The city itself is pretty small, with total population of 5,500 people. It is most popular during the winter, as Bran has a ski resort. From there you can easily go to Bran Castle, known more as “Dracula’s Castle”. Today it is a museum displaying art collected by Queen Marie. If you visit it in the end of October, you can take part in the special atmospheric events hosted by the castle.