Exploring Romania with the Kids

Children are always welcomed in Romania; the locals love kids and visitors in general and as a result, there are many things to do here for your little ones. Many families choose to holiday on the verdant Black Sea coast where many quality resorts and reasonable prices offer the perfect holiday, while inland, the Carpathian Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for family camping expeditions and outdoor activities. Dracula is also a big hit with the kids.

Black Sea Resorts

Kids will love the Black Sea coastThe_Black_Sea_near_Constanţa,_Romania in the summer where there are many fine beaches as well as the lovely warm waters to swim in. There are several resorts along Romania’s Black Sea, where facilities for tourists are great with quality hotels, restaurants and children’s activities available. Some of the best beaches include: Mamaia, Jupiter, Venus, and Mangalia where water sports are extremely popular and the kids can also go on a number of tours. In addition, the beautiful Danube Delta resides on the northern part of Romania’s Black Sea coast, not far from the resort town of Mamaia. Here, there is a massive amount of colorful wildlife to be seen, including numerous migratory and permanent resident birds and hundreds of different types of fishes. River tours around the area are extremely popular.

Bran Castle

Ideal for kids to learn about the fictional, blood-drinking Count Dracula, Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle, although he never lived here) lies just outside the medieval town of Brasnov, which is a fascinating attraction in itself. The 14th century castle was originally built to protect the town from invaders and is a massive and imposing structure. It doesn’t need much imagination to see why it inspired Bram Stoker to pen the Dracula novel. The castle sits atop a hill amid an eerie forest and sports many lofty towers that look menacing at dawn and dusk.