Destinations to Check Out


Brasov is located due north of Bucharest in the enchanting Carpathian Mountains and boasts an interesting history. This Transylvanian town is one of Romania’s biggest attractions, best known for the impressive Bran Castle. The main focus in the town itself is the magnificent Black Church, one of the largest of its kind in existence today.


Lying betwixt the Danube and the Carpathian hills, Bucharest, capital of Romania, lives up to its ‘Little Paris’ subtitle of old, with its attractive tree-lined boulevards and fascinating buildings. Although much of the city was destroyed during the WWII because of bombs, earthquakes and the communist leader Ceausescu, many of Bucharest’s Belle Époque buildings still stand proud and the city center is awash with ancient edifices. Although somewhat a bone of contention, the city’s main draw is the monolithic Palace of Parliament (Ceausima); a 12 storey high super-structure that is the second largest building by size after the Pentagon in the United States. A visit to the 16th century Old Court in the city center is a must.

Danube Delta

Danube Delta is the2_L2sn7 largest and the finest site in Europe and has even been registered as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. The river flows to the south of Bucharest into the Black Sea where hundreds of migratory bird species can be found, as well as some permanent residents. Sturgeon fish inhabit the waters, along with over 150 other kinds of fishes, while several impressive Finger Lakes, meandering streams and fishing villages also reside here.


Located near the north-eastern border of Romania and Moldova, Iasi was originally the capital of the Moldavia province and is a city of culture and spectacular iconic landmarks. The impressive neo-gothic Palace of Culture is Iasi’s crowning glory; a huge edifice housing four museums, including the Art Museum and Moldavian History Museum. The old part of the town features many churches and monasteries including the painted Saint Nicholas church.