Activities to Try in Romania

Cruise the Danhungarian-parliament-victoria-dimitrovaube

The mighty Danube River creates the southern border with Yugoslavia and Bulgaria and drains out through the impressive Danube Delta wetlands into the Black Sea. The journey is a long and winding one stretching for over 670 miles and passing some spectacular sights, as well as forming an important wildlife reserve before hitting the Black Sea.

Discover Romania’s Medieval Heritage

There are many castles and fortresses in the countryside where Romania’s architectural and medieval heritage. Take a trip into the countryside and you will come across architectural forms that are unique to this part of the world.

Go on a Dracula Tour

Dracula Tours are becoming more and more popular in Transylvania, north of Bucharest. Sighisoara is the most important town of any Dracula tour as this is where the 15th century Romanian prince known as Vlad Tepes (The Impaler) Dracula was born and was the Count that inspired Bram Stoker to write his Count Dracula novel due to his bloodthirsty nature. The house is now a small museum and restaurant with a plaque on a door marking his presence. Another major stop on any tour is Snagov Monastery, where Vlad is supposedly buried, while Castle Bran (Castle Dracula) is also a must-see.

Hike the Carpathian Mountains

Hikers will have a great time in Romania as a large part of the land is covered by lofty terrains and deep gorges. The Carpathian Mountains form the backbone of the country, which enter Romania at the Bulgarian border and arc north of Bucharest before heading north and into The Ukraine and Poland.

Languish on the Black Sea Coast

There are miles of sandy beaches along Romania’s Black Sea coastline where tourists flock to in the summer months. Resorts stretch from Mamaia in the north to Mangalia in the south and encompass Eforie, Neptun, Jupiter, and Venus where there are many fine hotels and entertainment options. Water sports, such windsurfing and sailing are really popular here.