About Us and Romania

This site is dedicated to the enchanting country of Romania and all of the exciting things that are waiting to be discovered. Romania is perhaps the most famous for being the former home of Count Dracula, who was based on the actual historical figure Vlad the Impaler. To this day, the majority of people who choose to go on vacation in Romania do so to explore Transylvania and take a trip to Bram Castle, where the mythical yet very engaging story of Count Dracula took place.

However, people who take the time to explore all that Romania has to offer will soon discover that there is much more to the country than a legendary vampire and his spooky home. Therefore, this site is dedicated to offering visitors an insight into some of the other things that make Romania so special.

Bucharest is the country’s most vibrant capital and many of the pages that can be found here are dedicated to things to see and do in Bucharest. The city is big and packed with exciting attractions and so visitors can site’s articles as a guide to help them to plan their travel itineraries.

Food is known to offer a good and not to mention delicious insight into a country, and naturally this site also contains information on traditional and modern Romanian dishes that should not be missed. Anyone who is traveling to Romania and wants to learn more about the country and what is waiting for them when they go on vacation should explore this site before visiting the country.