4 Reasons You Should Visit Romania

Romania is located in South-eastern Europe, and is near the Black Sea and the Danube River. It is home to the oldest Homo sapien bones, found in Peștera cu Oase (meaning The Cave with Bones) dating as far as 40 000 years ago. By 106 AD, most of the land now Romania today, was under the Roman Empire. The Romans ruled the land for 165 years. In the middle ages, Romania was divided in three principalities – Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania. Later the principalities fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. On May the 9-th 1877/1978 Romania gained independence from the Ottoman Empire.

shutterstock_350739647A conducive environment

Traveling in Romania is relatively cheap. Romania is said to be the fourth fastest growing tourism and travel destination in the world. It has many resorts that one can visit. If you really love winter, there are wonderful winter skiing resorts one may visit and enjoy all over the country. If you are more fond of the summer season, you can go to the Black Sea and catch some well needed sun tan. Living costs in Romania are also cheap. For this reason many students prefer to study and live in Romania. You can compare universities online and choose the one that fits you the most.

Romania is a place to be

In general, the following amazing reasons should by all means make you visit the country: Romania’s rich history is a reason everyone should consider. There are a lot beautiful castles like Bran Castle, or better known as “Dracula’s Castle”. Secondly, Romanians are a very friendly people who can make you feel like you are still at home. You can always make new friends that will last for a lifetime.Thirdly, as we said, the living costs are reason by their own, so you can enjoy your holiday and last but not the least the Capital city of Bucharest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You should visit.